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What is the definition of Normal Floor Preparation? Please read our PDF on Normal Floor Preparation.
Can you install "Anti-Static Tile" over existing VCT? No. It voids the warranty.
Do you accept payment by credit card? Yes. We accept Visa and MasterCard.
Can you replace my carpet without disrupting my people? Yes. Hoem & Associates can safely lift your furniture or move your private office furniture with little disruption and no down-time. Your employees will only be required to move their personal items. All data, communication, electrical, and equipment will remain in place. This process has been certified by all furniture manufacturers and can save your company up to 45% on carpet replacement costs.
Do you do hardwood? Yes - prefinish only.
What are the average lead times for standard carpets and custom carpets? The lead time for standard carpets is one to five weeks. For custom carpets, the lead time is eight to twelve weeks and a deposit is usually required.
Do you have a minimum on repair work? Yes - four hours.
Do you have access to recycled carpet? Yes.
What is your response time on repairs? We respond within 24-hours.
What do you consider standard floor preparation? We will provide customers, in our proposal, the amount of hours a mechanic can work on a project for floor preparation. Anything in excess of those hours is considered non-standard. Sweeping and a small amount of scraping is considered in the initial cost of the project and is not considered as an extra.
What is your standard installation warranty? It is one year.
Are you a union shop? Yes - Northern California Floor Covering Local 12.
Do you work on weekends? Yes.
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